About Us

Managed IT Support with EXCEPTIONAL customer service 

Our mission is simple

To give you the World’s best IT CUSTOMER support

Our promise to you…

How do we do it?

We focus on you and your people first, then fit the technology around you.

Do you wonder if your IT supplier really understands your organisation? If there’s a problem, do they know what impact it has on you, or your team? Do you find yourself logging the same issues, time and time again? Have you ever received an invoice out-of-the-blue and wondered, ‘what’s this for?’. We understand that IT problems ultimately affect people – your staff, your remote workers, your customers and, in some cases, your volunteers.  

Best Customer IT Support

Mintivo Exceptional Customer Service (ECS) The 3 guiding principles


People before Technology​

We focus on your business and your needs first. Then we deliver the technology that fits. We never push unnecessary tech because it’s new or fashionable. Only the right solution. No exceptions. 


Customer Service over Technical Support

No matter what the technical problem, there is always a person suffering the consequences. Great customer service isn’t just about fixing the technical problem. It’s about looking after the people who been affected, and we don’t stop until they’re okay.  


Fix Causes Not Symptoms

We look for permanent solutions not sticky plasters. Our focus is on the best technology to prevent problems occurring rather than repeatedly fixing the same reoccurring issues 

Our services.

How it all comes together in practice

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support


Microsoft 365

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Cyber Security




Internet and Connectivity

VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Phone Systems

Infrastructure Management

IT project delivery

SharePoint and Intranet

Meet the team.

(Not just techies, we’re people too!)

Our team has a wealth of experience in design, implementation, management and IT support covering all aspects of business-critical computing, server, storage, networking, connectivity, wi-fi, security and software.  Rest assured, our team can meet all your IT needs.

Hidden talents

Whilst we know you want to know our team is qualified, we think it’s good for you to understand that our team are humans, too! We have an eclectic mix of footballers, musicians, rugby players, dog lovers, scuba divers, car restorers, triathletes, chefs and those that enjoy clay pigeon shooting amongst our dedicated and driven people. Why not ask which hidden talent they have the next time you speak to one of our team?


Our talented team also have plenty of technical expertise to ensure they can meet you and your team’s needs. They all work to the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework designed to standardise the selection, planning, delivery and maintenance of IT services within a business.  In addition, they are Advanced VoIP telephone specialists and hold a variety of Microsoft, Networking, Security, VMWare, Citrix, Sonicwall, Veeam and many other qualifications and accreditations. 

Leadership team

The Leadership Team are the driving force behind Mintivo. Dedicated to ensuring that the team deliver the service, support and IT management that clients expect, they have created a long-term strategic plan for Mintivo.  Acting as mentors and role models for the staff, they make time to explain their expectations and check that the staff have a happy, working environment. All have experience of designing, managing and securing complex IT solutions for SMEs, corporates and multi-site companies.  Passionate about on-line safety and security, the Mintivo Directors are happy to offer talks to schools and local business groups.