Join the Mintivo Team

People & Culture is the heartbeat of Mintivo. We believe that success is built from within and that’s why we are incredibly proud of our team, our working environment and our fun, friendly and inclusive office culture.

We work by our values. It is a fast paced, energetic and fun environment to be in. As an employee we will invest in you. We will invest in your training. We will invest our time and energy to help you develop your career and become the very best in your field of work.

#TeamMintivo isn’t just a cliched hashtag made up for social media – in fact it’s rarely used outside of the office. It’s a true reflection of what it’s like to work for us.


Benefits of Mintivo

Our mission is to deliver solutions and support that transform the daily working lives of those we partner with, leaving a lasting impression for all the right reasons

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of Managed IT Support Providers (MSP’s) out there all doing the same thing, using the same technology and talking the same language. Fair enough. So what makes Mintivo different? That’s easy.

We are obsessed with delivering Exceptional Customer Service. Everyone at #TeamMintivo goes through an Exceptional Customer Service (ECS) program. It’s at the heart of everything we do – it’s the voice behind the phone call, it’s the message in our communications and it’s the smile on all our faces.

Everyone that works at #TeamMintivo plays their part in delivering this level of service and our customer feedback scores back this up. Behind every problem there is a person or a business suffering. The technology will always be the same, but how you deliver and support it? This is what truly sets us apart.