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The Mintivo experts will take the worry out of IT, allowing you to concentrate on the important things that matter to you. Assisting you to integrate your overall business strategy with a specific IT strategy, we will ensure that solutions are all efficient, secure, versatile and allow you, your colleagues and associates to easily collaborate within your working environment – whether at home, in the office or on-site at client premises.

Mintivo are dedicated to enabling our construction and building services clients to have a greater impact. We continually look to source cost-effective IT solutions which will the construction sector. Options include utilising the leading Cloud solutions to increase user access and security whilst also offering scalable flexible IT solutions as your firm grows. Additionally, we can enable you to sleep easy knowing that we have the technical expertise to protect your organisation from cyber crime with the most up to date security recommendations.

With a wealth of experience in the design, implementation, management and support of IT projects for all types of construction and b organisations, let us help you simplify IT and increase efficiency within your business.

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Mintivo seek to understand your pain points

As with most sectors, you have unique problems. Used to working with businesses such as yours, the Mintivo team understand the common ones, however, we will work with you and your team to identify your specific issues. Providing solutions that overcome issues in a reliable, secure, cost-effective way is what Mintivo is known for:

- Reducing completion time: In order to meet completion deadlines, there is increased requirement for intelligent, automated and collaborative solutions.
- Security: Protecting your company’s Intellectual Property is a high priority – you need to protect this at all costs, ensuring design, personal and financial details are kept safe.
- Communications: Without modern communication methods, construction firms struggle to be able to react rapidly and stay ahead of competitors.
- Supporting legacy systems: Outdated software and infrastructure causes security vulnerabilities and reduced efficiency.
- Rapid Deployment: Site teams are often on-site before fixed-line communication is available. Often based in Portacabins, communication and project management can be troublesome.
- Contingency: Power outages or an inability to connect to fixed line data services can easily delay completion dates.

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Designing and building IT for you whilst you design and build for clients

There are a number of IT services which can assist those involved in the construction sector.
– Fully Managed IT support
– Fully Managed Infrastructure & Network support
– Microsoft Azure migration and support
– Office365
– Cyber Security Services
– Internet and WAN connectivity
– Virtualisation
– Hosted Phone Services (VoIP) and many more…

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