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Fully Managed IT Support

Everything you could possibly need to manage all your IT requirements. The Mintivo experts will take the worry out of IT, allowing you to concentrate on the important things that matter to you – staff, productivity, family and business growth. With a wealth of experience in design, implementation, management and IT support covering all aspects of business-critical computing, servers, storage, networking, connectivity, security and software, Mintivo will regularly check on your plans for the future and identify likely IT challenges and requirements in order to work with you to enable your business to succeed in its ambitions.

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IT consultancy
Managed IT support

At the centre of all we do…

Our clients are at the centre of all we do, whether that is infrastructure design, sourcing, configuring and managing your hardware; monitoring your critical services; providing you with technical road-mapping or providing detailed Service Reviews. Mintivo offers a truly independent service ensuring your unique and exacting requirements are met with equally unique, cost-effective solutions from various product providers that suit all your needs. Our state-of-the-art Service Desk provides clients with access to first-class support facilities. By utilising the ITIL service management framework we provide a consistent approach to delivery of service, providing you with industry-recognised standards.

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Service Reviews

Excellent on-time service delivery is key for successful businesses which is why we insist on having regular service management meetings. Your Relationship Manager will provide you with easy to understand statistics outlining the number of critical alerts received, your backup status, numbers of hierarchical escalations and the type and number of incidents per site, department and user. We will identify any recurring incidents and offer you service improvement recommendations and suggest future improvements to infrastructure.

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Managed IT Support

Fast, reliable IT Infrastructure – the solid foundations for business growth

At Mintivo we have the skills, people and fresh, positive attitude to take care of all your infrastructure. Our Infrastructure services can include monitoring, virtualisation projects, audits, capacity planning, consultancy, solution design, performance improvements as well as disaster recovery and business continuity.

Whether you have on-premises, hybrid or cloud Infrastructure, managing key services and statistics is a difficult job whilst also running a business. Our cutting-edge monitoring and remediation software has been fine-tuned to keep your Infrastructure performing as it should.

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Infrastructure management
Infrastructure management

Do I need Mintivo?

If your current system is unreliable or under-performing, you need to speak to Mintivo.

You may simply be considering refreshing your current infrastructure – again, speak to Mintivo.

We always take a consultative approach to understanding your business, its goals and direction ensuring wherever possible we align modern technological solutions to match and enable the business growth you desire.

Mintivo believe that technology should enable your business to grow and our ethos is to ensure you have a solid foundation within your IT infrastructure, allowing us to help you to develop it as necessary, in a cost-effective manner, as your business expands.
IT costs can spiral and you can be sold services that your business doesn’t require. At Mintivo we will ensure you are fully aware of what services we provide for you, and more importantly, why.

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Infrastructure security

Cyber Security is critical for any business operating today. It is now the responsibility of not just the IT team but all employees to ensure that data and access to systems is secure.

Mintivo can work with you to expertly install and set up devices designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks; secure all configurations in the most secure way; ensure the correct access controls are implemented and will also provide virus and malware protection is installed and importantly, kept up to date. In addition, we will ensure that the latest supported versions of applications are used and manage the necessary patch applications.

By delivering such security for the whole of your organisation’s hardware and software, you can concentrate on running your business knowing we have your back.

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Managed IT Support

Procure the right products for your unique needs

Our Procurement Department will manage suppliers and develop purchasing strategies which meet budgetary and other operational requirements for your business. Costs are often a key factor for many organisations – correct sourcing, negotiation and strategic selection of goods and services is therefore vital. We will work with you to ensure suppliers meet any specific requirements you may need such as ISO accreditation or particular insurance threshold requirements and will deliver them with the high standard of service you can rightfully expect from Mintivo.

IT procurement
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We partner with industry-leading hardware and software manufacturers and have top accreditations with some of the world’s largest technology brands.

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Every client has unique requirements, therefore the likelihood of one vendor’s products being able to meet them all is remote. Mintivo are truly independent and we seek to ensure that unique problems are met with unique solutions.

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Our in-house Microsoft experts can advise and recommend the right software for your business as well as guide you through the complex licensing options.

IT procurement

Why IT procurement is significant in the 21st Century

The importance of an expert IT procurement process becomes more significant as businesses find themselves increasingly dependent on technology vendors and services. It is easy for the uninitiated to purchase incompatible or unsuitable products that will not meet your ongoing requirements. In addition to hardware, software and infrastructure, organisations now turn to outside providers for guidance with applications, service integration and system management as well, making the decision of who to trust even more difficult. Mintivo is trusted by clients throughout the UK and are expertly placed to deliver solutions that can move your business forward.

As popularity of monthly payments soars, the Operating Expenses (Opex) model is a perfect fit for purchasing everything from laptops to servers to firewalls. We utilise sophisticated monitoring software to ensure best value. At Mintivo we will ensure you are fully aware of what services we provide for you, and more importantly, why. We utilise sophisticated monitoring software to ensure best value.

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Why use Mintivo?

You are aware that there are technical solutions to issues and automated offerings to increase profit and productivity, but don’t know where to start looking to find them, or which is the best solution for your needs.

Our highly trained Technical Consultants ensure that we fully understand your desired outcomes to recommend the correct, cost-effective and most efficient solutions to achieve expected results. Using our Project Management process, we ensure that we deliver success on time and on budget.

We have delivered such projects as virtualisation, migration cloud solutions, disaster recovery, solution design, infrastructure upgrades, Microsoft Azure projects and data management. Investment in technology is important to your business, so speak to Mintivo to ensure that you have peace of mind. Our structured approach to planning, organising, leading and controlling IT projects has always led to contented clients.

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Our Expertise

Utilising our experienced and highly trained engineers and design technicians we can deliver the output required for you to achieve IT-related business results moving forward. We give a professional and fresh perspective on your projects ensuring we prioritise your business’ resources and ensure their efficient use. By setting the scope, schedule and the budget accurately from the start we strive to meet the schedule and keep costs and resources to budget with the result being improved productivity and quality of work for your staff.

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Saving you the headache, and giving you back time

Even if your organisation has an IT Manager, there are still a few questions which you need to ask yourselves: Which hardware should you purchase? Should the purchase of software replace or work with your existing programs? What bandwidth will you need? Can your current internet provider meet your needs? How secure is the system you are planning to install? Should you integrate your phone system?

All these questions (and no doubt more) will be answered on your behalf by Mintivo’s Technical Consultants. With a vast experience to draw on from multiple verticals, they will discuss the business outcomes that you want to achieve and then recommend the best options for your requirements and budget.

Everything you purchase from Mintivo is fully project managed, hopefully preventing you from getting a headache, and will undoubtedly provide you with more time to spend on your business.

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Managed IT Support
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"We found Mintivo to be invaluable in this process, they have helped us work more efficiently whilst also making all of our work and files more secure in the process. Their customer service is fantastic, and their understanding and knowledge of modern technology is far superior to any other IT companies that we have come across."

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