Managed IT Support

Technical Excellence with a Focus on Customer Service

How can Mintivo's Managed IT Support elevate your business?

Ahead of the curve products and services with invaluable 24/7 support

Mintivo’s Managed IT Support service guarantees that should something go wrong, it is resolved in a timely manner and that any negative impact on your business is minimised.

We’re very particular about who we employ, with technical excellence being a must and a natural passion for customer service being equally as important. Our team has the technical expertise to implement and manage your IT support requirements and will never leave you feeling confused by technical jargon, nor that you are just a number in our system.

We work hard to understand your business from day one and are always on hand to offer consultative adviceWe strive to ensure you are fully informed at every stage of an agreement and are armed with the information you need to make important decisions that will ultimately enhance your business operations, both now and in the future

Many tech companies work to solve your current challenges and will suggest solutions that might not be 100% aligned with your business needs. We will only suggest solutions that align with your business, helping you define your technical roadmap and ensure longevity.

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How does Mintivo's Support Package compare to other Managed Service Providers (MSPs?)

Managed IT Support is a broad term and it’s not always clear what’s included in your Managed IT Support contract. Typically, the more that’s included, the higher the costs. 

Fees are usually calculated on a per-user basis. Mintivo’s Managed IT Support contains several features and services that you wouldn’t typically find in a standard service. However, not every business needs all of these features and we often tailor a support agreement around our customers’ specific IT systems, user requirements and risks.

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The Details: What is included in our typical Managed Support Agreement?

My Mintivo allows you to log a ticket via your desktop application, or live chat with a member of the service desk. Alternatively, you can give us a call. We keep you informed of any updates to your ticket and won’t close your ticket until you are 100% happy it has been resolved.

Whether you have on-premises, hybrid or cloud Infrastructure, managing key services and statistics is a difficult task whilst running a business. Our highly-skilled engineers and cutting-edge monitoring and remediation software ensures that your Infrastructure performs as it should.

Flexible and reliable networking is essential to any business, but brings with it a set of challenges to safeguard against vulnerabilities. We ensure your network is protected against external threats.

We design, configure and manage your desktop hardware, so you have exactly what you need and the highest level of support, should you run into problems.

Imagine the worst has happened – a pandemic, fire, an electric outage or flood at one of your premises. Your computers are destroyed; the piece of paper with your password log is no longer legible.

We work with you to create a disaster Recovery Plan, allowing you to access another device and continue where you left off.

We will happily speak to vendors on your behalf, so you don’t have to be the go between and decisions are actioned efficiently.

Although it is important to ensure your business has what it needs right now, it’s equally as important to plan for the future and prepare to scale up or down as your business dictates. We work with you to create a technical roadmap that is aligned with your business’ needs.