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The Mintivo experts will take the worry out of IT, allowing you to concentrate on the important things that matter to you. Assisting you to integrate your overall business strategy with a specific IT strategy, we will ensure that solutions are all efficient, secure, versatile and allow you and your teams to easily collaborate within the differing working environments – whether at the main office, factory floor, storage facilities or off-site at client premises.

Mintivo are dedicated to enabling all our clients to have a greater impact. We continually look to source cost-effective IT solutions which will best help you transform your organisation. Options include utilising the leading Cloud solutions to increase user access and security whilst also offering scalable, flexible IT solutions as your business grows. Integrating machinery and stock monitoring software with other systems within the different areas of your organisation can ensure downtime is reduced and efficiency heightened. Additionally, we can enable you to sleep easy knowing that we have the technical expertise to protect your organisation from cyber crime with the most up to date security recommendations.

With a wealth of experience in the design, implementation, management and support of IT projects for various manufacturing and engineering organisations, let us help you simplify IT and increase efficiency within your organisation.

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Mintivo seek to understand your pain points

As with most sectors, you have unique problems. Used to working with businesses such as yours, the Mintivo team understand the common ones, however, we will work with you and your team to identify your specific issues. Providing solutions that overcome issues in a reliable, secure, cost-effective way is what Mintivo is known for:

- Managing assets: Tracking the ‘health’ of an asset is time consuming. Automating the process for some is a fantastic return on investment.
- Security: A big issue for everyone, particularly in Manufacturing where protection of the company’s IP is paramount.
- Securely protecting legacy software applications and Operating Systems
- Data processing: Often managing and processing large amounts of data, cost-efficient solutions are essential.
- Communications: Reacting quickly to business requests, creating and communicating designs urgently in order to stay ahead of competitors it is important to have modern communication methods.
- Outsourcing: Concentrating on the key elements of your business, leaving IT management (and other areas) to be outsourced can be hugely beneficial to productivity and efficiency.

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Mintivo engineer IT solutions for engineers

Understanding those organisations within the manufacturing and engineering sector means that we will offer you the right solutions. As detailed as a CAD drawing, we will roadmap an exact and bespoke solution for your organisation. Mintivo has expertise in the following areas:

– Fully Managed IT support
– Fully Managed Infrastructure & Network support
– Microsoft Azure migration and support
– Office365
– Cyber Security Services
– Internet and WAN connectivity
– Virtualisation
– Hosted Phone Services (VoIP) and many more…

Whether you want help with essential projects or total management of your infrastructure, we can help. Give us a call for further information and pricing.

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