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Mintivo: Voice
Flexible - Accessible - Low Cost

You don’t want to miss the return call from the prospect you’ve been waiting to speak to for ages. You need to be available to clients 24/7 but don’t want to pay staff to be in the office.

How can you ensure you never miss important calls?

Talk to Mintivo to discuss how a powerful Cloud Phone System, known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), can change how you run your organisation. Use desk phones, mobiles, software on your laptop and other devices to ensure you are available for prospects, clients, staff and suppliers as much or as little as you like, from wherever you are in the world.

Invaluable for anyone wishing to allow home working, calls can be routed to specified devices, providing a seamless service to those contacting your business. Should you wish to, you can even answer calls whilst you are abroad. International calls are included to over 40 countries, and all UK landline and mobile calls are included for free!

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Main Benefits:

Flexible Working, from the office, home or elsewhere

Unlimited calls making communication hassle-free
Subject to fair usage policy

Low cost and simple billing solution

A secure system hosted in the cloud

Allow both recording and monitoring of calls

Simple to use interface allowing for internal and external transfers


Mintivo: Voice - A bespoke state-of-the-art VoIP based phone system

Integrating your phone system to enable audio conferencing meetings eliminates the need to rotate between devices or applications. Attendees can access from wherever they are in the world, from a desk or whilst on the go.

Consistent number
As part of your Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plan, having a cloud service and consistent number means that you will be up and running again without issue. Using Mintivo’s Cloud Phone System enables you to use the office number (or your DDI) from your mobile phone or laptop, no expensive phone bills or call charges either as all UK calls are included in one simple, monthly, per user fee.

Get in touch today to see how Mintivo can enable your business to grow (and save money) with a VoIP phone system

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Crucial business connections

No, not another networking event where you chat over coffee, but the crucial connection you need to run a successful business today – internet connectivity.

Do you and your staff ever get frustrated at the speed of the internet, the changes in performance and effects on productivity that this creates? Why not talk to Mintivo about your frustrations and we will work with you to find a bespoke solution that meets the needs of your business.

Need to link remote workers? Want to have a secure, bespoke network? Want to get rid of the hassle when devices ‘go slow’ or ‘die’? No problem - talk to Mintivo to discuss how we can relieve you of such pain points entirely, or work with your IT team to enable them to better utilise their time.

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Reliability equals growth

It’s been shown that SMEs that are active online are more successful, grow more quickly and reach wider markets than their peers. If this is true of your organisation, you need to ensure that your connectivity is reliable and secure.

A recent report from the Federation of Small Businesses stated that:

- 94% of small business owners consider a reliable internet connection critical to the success of their business
- 60% expect to increase their online presence in the next year
- 14% of small businesses consider lack of reliable and fast broadband connectivity to be their main barrier to growth

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Cloud Connectivity

Do you fully know and understand your IT infrastructure, bandwidth limitations, current network solution and how best to use this to further your organisation’s growth plans? How does your business model choose from the myriad of choices around cloud technologies and solutions offered?

Mintivo will work with you to ensure that we answer such questions and provide the solution that works for your business. We can provide technology types such as MPLS,, FTTP and FTTC. We will ensure they integrate properly with existing, legacy systems; recommend cost-effective, long-term new connectivity solutions or suggest shorter-term improvements in your network to ensure we support your business goals now and the expected growth requirements in the future.

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Disaster – what disaster?

Imagine the worst has happened – a fire, earthquake (they can happen in the UK, too) or an electrical outage or flood at one of your premises. Your computers are destroyed; the scrappy piece of paper with your passwords no longer legible; the filing cabinet a crumpled heap on the floor….

You get the picture. How does your business continue?

Hopefully, you will have discussed this with Mintivo and implemented a Disaster Recovery Plan which allows you to simply access another device and continue where you left off. Apart from sitting in a different chair, basically, it’s business as usual. Result!

If you haven’t yet spoken with us to discuss secure, automatic UK or global-based back-ups and a water-tight Disaster Recovery Plan for your IT systems, get in touch today.

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Cost-effective control

A secure, cloud system that requires no capital expenditure outlay and one that is structured so you only pay for what you use. In most cases, this provides significant reduction in costs, and yet it provides you with:

- Easy implementation – on-site; software or hybrid
- Powerful automation, reporting and monitoring
- Centralised control of your critical data
- Instant access to data, unquestionably reducing downtime
- Scalable to allow business growth

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Testing, testing, testing

A good Back Up and Disaster Recovery Plan is regularly tested to ensure it continues to meet your requirements. When did you last test yours? Do your team have to remember to take a ‘back up’ off-site each night? What was the result of the last full test?

If you appoint Mintivo to manage your Back Up and Disaster Recovery plans, we will automatically test regularly and ensure that all services are easy to recover in-line with your business requirements, providing you with as much security and peace of mind as possible.

Don’t lose data, don’t lose sleep. Do contact Mintivo.

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Why do I need a Virtual IT Director?

You run a successful, growing business, facing numerous challenges. You want to be sure you have an effective IT strategy in place that supports the current and future needs of the company. You are aware that there are technical solutions to issues and automated offerings to increase productivity, but don’t know where to start looking to find them, or which is the best solution.

You might have some IT solutions, but are looking for more cost-effective solutions to the IT issues you face, while still maintaining a competitive edge, or you could be looking to significantly reduce costs, ensuring every penny of your IT budget is spent wisely and effectively.

You may have your own IT Manager or Director that looks after IT, but you want them to concentrate on the business with someone else working on IT strategy, or perhaps they are leaving and you are looking for an interim solution.

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Ensure your IT strategy enables your organisation's objectives

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Learn from an experienced IT Director that can advise what actually works

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An outsourced IT Director that has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours

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What’s in it for me?

You have regular access to a highly experienced IT Director, with the skillsets you need, but without the full-time salary and other employment expenses (cars, pensions etc). Created as a cost-effective service – you use only as much as you need.

You will have greater support when required and less when times are quiet, your Virtual IT Director doesn’t take annual, sick or paternity/maternity leave. You will also have the peace of mind that they won’t be tempted to leave when a better job comes along, leaving you without a key resource.

You will be kept abreast of new innovations, solutions and cost-effective ways of utilising your IT infrastructure to best support your business.

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