Mintivo Managed IT Support
Backed by our Exceptional Customer Service (ECS)

“We continue to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic and Mintivo are always there with new equipment, advice and support wherever we need them

Alan Simpson, Technical Director, Ebeni

Managed IT Support focussed on Exceptional Customer Service (ECS)

Do you wonder if your IT supplier really understands your business? If there’s a problem, do they know what impact it has on you, or your team? Do you find yourself logging the same issues, time and time again? Have you ever received an invoice out-of-the-blue and wondered, ‘what’s this for?’. We understand that IT problems ultimately affect people – your staff, your remote workers and your customers.
Mintivo ‘ECS’ Managed IT Support puts you (and your users) at the centre. We know that when things stop working, it costs you money, it causes delays, and everyone gets frustrated. You need everything working smoothly and if something does go wrong, it needs to be fixed fast by someone who understands your business.

What is covered under a typical Managed Support Agreement?

Infrastructure hardware design & management


Automatic ticket logging and resolution


Desktop hardware design, configuration & management

Backup hardware design, management and documentation

Provision of support for infrastructure & desktops

Technical Road-mapping

3rd party vendor management/liaison

Provision of support for infrastructure & desktops

How does Mintivo’s support compare to other Managed Service Providers (MSP)?

Managed IT Support is a broad term and it’s not always clear what’s included in your Managed IT Support contract. Typically, the more that’s included, the higher the costs. Fees are usually calculated on a per-user basis. Mintivo’s ECS Managed IT Support contains several features and services that you wouldn’t typically find in a standard service. However, not every business needs all these features and we often tailor a support agreement around our clients’ specific IT systems, user requirements and risks.
We’ve created a comparison table below to illustrate the key differences between Mintivo’s ECS and a typical Managed IT Support service.
ServiceTypical ProviderMintivo
IT project delivery

Unlimited On-Site Support

Whenever required
IT project delivery

Service Desk Support

From 08:00 - 18:00
IT project delivery

24/7 Support

Not just alerting for a server, Network & P1 issues
IT project delivery

Account Management

Quarterly account management meeting
IT project delivery

Technical Roadmapping

Keep up with industry trends
IT project delivery

Mintivo Security Baseline

Cyber Security included as standard
IT project delivery

Patch Management

For all Desktops, Laptops & Servers
IT project delivery

Asset Management

Digitally track all your IT assets
IT project delivery

Simple Billing

Always know what you are being charged for
IT project delivery

Consistent Builds

Devices delivered, ready-to-use

Why should you move your Managed IT Support to Mintivo?

We know that you have options. And we recognise that we’re not a good fit for every business so are we right for you? Of course, that is your decision so here are few reasons why we think we’re worth considering…

Responding quickly, beating SLA * and not just working to it

SLAs (Service Level Agreement s) are important of course, but they’re a limit, not a target. The Mintivo ECS programme is there to ensure that our support team will never let you down.

Digital problems have consequences in the real world

No matter what the technical problem, there will be a person or group suffering the consequences. We’ll solve the technical issues of course, but we won’t stop until we know that you and the business are okay again.

A State-of-art Service Desk

Our state-of-the-art Service Desk provides you with access to first-class support facilities. By utilising the ITIL service management framework you’ll enjoy a consistent high-quality support service to industry-recognised standards.

Clear, human communication

Naturally we’ll share technical information when you need it. But we’ll also spare you the jargon when it’s not helpful.

Meet your account manager

Shane (pictured) is typical of our Account Management team. It’s Shane’s job to make sure that our service is delivering value, that problems are not recurring and that your business remains aligned and compliant with IT best practice.

Is it time for a change?

Focus on your job while we support your team and your infrastructure

Rest assured that those repetitive issues and recurring distractions are gone for good. Leave the day-to-day IT support to our team while you focus on more strategic activities.

Peace of mind, heightened security, reduced risk, and thorough compliance

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