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The pace of change in the world of IT is relentless.  New technologies that can help improve productivity and capability, whilst reducing costs at the same time.  But how can you take advantage of these, whilst maximising the return on investment and effectiveness of your legacy systems? How do you know which systems can be made fit for the future, and which can most effectively be replaced or migrated?

Mintivo can help modernise your legacy systems, integrate new technologies, and as importantly, refresh the cultural and technical capability necessary to maximise your ROI.

Digital Transformation from Mintivo

Why should you move with us?

Mintivo work with you to understand your needs and capabilities.  We design, build, and implement modern digital systems to meet those needs and objectives. Some of the digital transformation services we offer include:

Legacy systems review and modernisation
Cloud and hybrid-cloud transformation services
Process transformation
Business model transformation
Domain transformation
Cultural and organisational transformation
Why Mintivo

What makes us different?

Here at Mintivo, our mission is to deliver solutions and support that transform the daily working lives of those we partner with. Based in Wiltshire, we offer UK wide support through our team of skilled, experienced, and enabled professionals.

We focus on acting as a trusted partner, delivering exceptional customer service. Words are easy, what we do is to ensure that we deliver our promises, and our track record says that’s just what we do.

Digital Transformation

What's covered?

Our Digital Transformation services offer clients a route from their existing systems and processes, through the mine field of new technologies, to the future-proofed digital platform and services their business needs. It’s far more than simply sprinkling some cloud services, adding a few dollops of AI, and developing a nice-looking app. Having an external team evaluate legacy systems and processes with an experienced and impartial eye, can really help a business transform effectively.

We start by understanding you, your business, your culture, and what your customers and clients want and expect. Only then do we start to evaluate your IT systems, capabilities, and processes. From this, we can develop a plan to form the basis of your digital transformation. At every step we ensure you understand what we are proposing, the benefits and costs, time frames and impact. We don’t do surprises; they are not good for you or your customers.
Each digital transformation engagement is bespoke and unique. We take our experience and knowledge of IT and digital systems, and add it to the insight of your business. Together, we deliver digital transformations that work for everyone.


Your FAQ's

No. Whilst some form of cloud-based service may be included, digital transformation is a far broader offering, looking at a wide range of technical and cultural aspects of modern IT.

It can be easy to think that AI is the answer to everything! We absolutely offer AI tools and applications, and these may form part of an overall digital transformation. Their exact use will depend upon your business requirements.

Many businesses have critical systems that have worked for many years, and are worried about the impact and risks of migration. For some systems, we may choose to leave them as they are, ensuring that a suitable recovery plan is in place, should the worse happen. For many legacy systems however, migration to a more modern, reliable, and scalable platform is possible.

Absolutely! Enterprise level security is vital for all modern digital platforms. We take cyber security very seriously and design systems with digital safety at their core.

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