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Hartham IT Support
Hartham Park IT support

“Proactive and dedicated. A true business partner! Mintivo’s engineers are a real asset. Hartham Park’s systems are now much more reliable and secure! Mintivo didn’t simply try to fix the immediate problems, they implemented long-term solutions that make our working lives better.”

Operating 90 serviced offices, workspaces and running small and large-scale events, with over 1,000 IT users, requires a reliable IT system, so when the IT Manager at Hartham Park, began receiving complaints due to email failures and IT systems crashing, he knew he had to implement a solution – fast.

Investors In People IT Support

“We found Mintivo to be invaluable in this process, they have helped us work more efficiently whilst also making all of our work and files more secure in the process. We now continue to work with them to help and assist with all our IT needs”

Investors in People approached us when they needed some project work done. They were already using cloud based software and Office 365 in their business for email, but they needed to move all their laptops off their domain due to some internal restructuring.

Investors In People IT Support

“Mintivo provided a cloud-based solution and secure VPN which has proven to scale effortlessly. For example, Mintivo were able to set up 20% of our users on portable devices within 3 days prior to the national lockdown. That wouldn’t have been possible without the ‘Gold Image’ build and deployment process.”

“With the cloud-first approach we were able to ensure that the solution was open-ended and avoided technical ‘dead-ends’. This allowed us to mould and adapt solutions in line with the business needs. The organisation is expanding fast: we’ve seen it grow from 3 users to 140 users in 24 months and we’re keen to see how the fully cloud-based IT operations and VPN technology integration helps the business go even further.”

CMS logo

"The change has been unbelievable, moving from a full-on office setup to a cloud-based system. This would not have been possible without Mintivo.”

“It was refreshing to work with the CMS team who were used to being based in an office. We helped them to move their business to the cloud and mirror the on-premise experience in their homes.”

Whitehorse Surveyors

“White Horse surveyors are the UK’s largest independent surveyors with employees based all across the UK delivering a truly national service. Their IT systems and Cyber Security are critical to ensure the business is able to continue to scale in a secure and efficient manner."

“Mintivo have worked with White Horse Surveyors for a number of years transforming the IT service making full use of the Microsoft 365 suite as well as Cyber Security initiatives and Fully Managed IT support”


“A smooth transition to a new Cyber Security Standard - this would have been a real challenge to manage without you."

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Unseen finds itself in a remote work situation similar to other businesses. Despite some of the challenges that presented itself in that regard, we’re pleased to have advanced their cyber security during this time.”