IT Consultancy

Empowering Business Transformation through IT Consultancy.

At Mintivo, we are your strategic IT partner, crafting and executing an IT strategy which underpins your overarching business vision. Collaborating closely, we tailor solutions to meet your immediate needs while strategically contributing to your long-term success. Choose Mintivo for a proactive, integrated approach where IT becomes an enabler for your organisation.


IT Consultancy tailored to your unique needs.

IT consultancy is about understanding your business, and ensuring your IT systems can help deliver your plans and objectives. We work closely with you to understand those plans, and what your systems need to do.  What is working well now, and what isn’t? What will your business look like next year, in five years’ time?  How will your IT systems need to adapt?  What business opportunities can new technologies deliver?  How do you ensure the safety and security of your data and that of your clients? 

IT consultancy is not about technology for technology’s sake, it’s about providing fit-for-purpose solutions, that deliver a reliable, available, and secure platform to support your business. 


Your FAQ's

Each consultancy engagement is a unique, depending on the needs and objectives of the engagement. We offer a range of services and are happy to provide a bespoke quotation, once we know more about your needs.

That’s a great question. Success is when you, the client are happy. Mintivo ensure that every engagement has an agreed term of reference, together with frequent review points to ensure you know what we are doing and are happy with the results.

In a word, experience. We have successfully worked with multiple clients, to ensure their IT systems deliver. We act as trusted advisors, taking a pragmatic approach, placing compliance, honesty, and security at the top of our list of priorities. We don’t do surprises, acting with integrity and professionalism at all times, to deliver the highest quality consultancy.