Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

Preparing for the Unpredictable

Safeguarding your future.

As a Strategic IT Partner providing you with fully managed IT support services, Mintivo takes time to understand your organisation and ensure technology underpins the overarching organisational objectives.

Strategic, Uninterrupted, Seamless

Rapid response, resilience and reliability.

Imagine the worst has happened – a pandemic, fire, or an electric outage or flood at one of your premises. Your computers are destroyed; the scrappy piece of paper with your passwords no longer legible; the filing cabinet, a crumpled heap on the floor….

You get the picture. How does your business continue?

Ideally, you would have engaged with Mintivo, crafting a meticulous Disaster Recovery Plan. With this plan in place, all it takes is accessing another device, and seamlessly, your operations continue uninterrupted. Essentially, it’s business as usual, just from a different chair. That’s the power of strategic planning.

If you haven’t yet spoken with us to discuss secure, automatic UK or global-based back-ups and a water-tight Disaster Recovery Plan for your IT systems, get in touch today.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services from Mintivo

Why should you move with us?

When it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) services, choosing the right partner is critical. At Mintivo, we know we’re the partner to handle your disaster recovery with safety and resilience.  We’re more than a service provider; we’re your dedicated partner in ensuring the continuity and success of your business.

Unparalleled Expertise

With years of experience in BCDR, we possess a deep well of expertise. Our team understands the nuances of disaster recovery and continuity planning, ensuring your business remains secure and operational.

Proactive Risk Management

Mintivo is dedicated to proactive risk assessment and mitigation. We work diligently to identify potential threats to your business, helping you avoid disasters before they occur.

Accredited Engineers
Rapid Response, Anytime

Disasters can strike at any moment. Our BCDR services are available 24/7, guaranteeing a swift response whenever you need it, even during weekends and holidays.

Effective Testing
Rigorous Testing and Simulation

Mintivo conducts rigorous testing and simulation exercises to validate the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plans. We aim for perfection to ensure minimal downtime.

Why Mintivo

What makes us different?

In the realm of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) services, you can depend on Mintivo for reliability, innovation, and unwavering support. We understand that in today’s dynamic business landscape, safeguarding your data and ensuring seamless operations are paramount. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time to understand your business’s specific requirements and craft BCDR strategies that align perfectly with your objectives.

Mintivo’s disaster recovery planning is meticulous and all-encompassing. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring that your business is well-prepared to recover swiftly and efficiently in the face of adversity. We also understand that disasters don’t keep to office hours. Mintivo’s BCDR services are available round the clock, guaranteeing rapid response and support whenever you need it, even in the dead of night.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

What's covered?

A secure, cloud system that requires no capital expenditure outlay and one that is structured so you only pay for what you use. In most cases, this provides significant reduction in costs, and yet it provides you with easy implementation (on-site; software or hybrid), powerful automation, reporting and monitoring, centralised control of your critical data, instant access to data, unquestionably reducing downtime, and scalable to allow business growth.

A good Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan is regularly tested to ensure it continues to meet your requirements. If you appoint Mintivo to manage your Back Up and Disaster Recovery plans, we will automatically test regularly and ensure that all services are easy to recover in-line with your business requirements, providing you with as much security and peace of mind as possible.

It’s a common misconception that Microsoft 365 includes a back up service. Whilst deleted items can be recovered, conventional backup and restore is not part of the 365 service. Mintivo Cloud Protect completes this important piece in the puzzle with these key features:

  • Backup Exchange Email, OneDrive, and SharePoint data every 6 hours
  • Retain and recover your data outside of the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Cloud storage in your choice of more than 30 worldwide data centres

Mintivo equips businesses by adeptly implementing Azure Site Recovery, Microsoft’s state-of-the-art disaster recovery solution. Harnessing this technology, we guarantee the protection of your crucial data, applications, and virtual machines within the Azure cloud. Our proficient team tailors and deploys flawless replication, failover, and fail-back procedures, ensuring uninterrupted business operations amid disruptions. By relying on Mintivo, your organisation benefits from rapid, automated recovery, minimising downtime, and bolstering overall resilience.


Your FAQ's

BCDR refers to a set of strategies and plans designed to ensure a business’s critical operations continue uninterrupted in the face of disasters, emergencies, or unexpected disruptions.

BCDR is crucial for protecting your business from downtime, data loss, and financial losses. It helps ensure operational resilience and minimises the impact of disasters.

BCDR plans can address various disasters, including natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods), cybersecurity breaches, hardware failures, and more.

Mintivo tailors BCDR solutions to your business’s specific needs, taking into account your industry, size, location, and unique risk factors.

BCDR planning typically includes risk assessment, continuity planning, data backup and recovery strategies, testing and simulation, and ongoing monitoring and support.

Yes, Mintivo provides BCDR solutions for a variety of infrastructure types, including cloud-based systems.

Mintivo focuses on rapid response, rigorous testing, and efficient recovery procedures to minimise downtime and maintain business operations.

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