How does one phone system become new uniforms for two schools?

When our clients White Horse Surveyors decided to change their phone system, they were delighted with our suggestion that we could recycle and sell the system to raise funds for Mintivo’s local charity, Springboard Chippenham.

Many of our staff are from the local area and through personal connections, have seen the valuable help and support that Springboard brings to the parents, carers and children it engages with. White Horse Surveyors has its Head Office in Chippenham so the idea of supporting a charity which benefits children throughout the North Wiltshire area was equally appealing to them.

In addition to the funds received for the old phone system, both companies then contributed to make the donation up to £800 enabling Springboard to use the donation to cover the cost of their new uniforms. The fab new polo shirts and fleeces which are worn by staff and children (in blue) and volunteers (in green). Jane Boulton, Manager at Springboard, explained that many of the children benefit from seeing the staff and other children wearing the same uniform, all clearly showing the distinct red S logo, so that they feel a sense of belonging.

The recycling theme then went full circle as Springboard arranged for their old uniforms to be donated to a school in Africa, so they will not go to waste either.

Springboard work particularly closely with parents and carers of children aged 0-5 with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) across North Wiltshire. A key area of support provided is by facilitating meetings with the plethora of agencies, charities and health workers.  Parents and carers are often unaware much of the assistance exists or is available to them.  Springboard ensures everyone works together as a team with shared action plans focussing on the child’s specific needs.

Needing to raise in the region of £140,000 each year to support the work they do, Mintivo is delighted to be able to contribute towards this total and raise awareness to others on how to do the same. Using Springboard’s Virgin Money’s Giving page is a quick and easy way to donate.

Mark Adams, Operations Director, presenting the cheque said
“It is so lovely to see the children play so contentedly despite their varying disabilities.  The care and attention that the staff give to each child, tailored to their individual needs, is humbling to see.” 

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