Introducing Mintivo Voice

Does your organisation need flexibility in client contact? Do your employees want or need to work from home or off-site? Are you looking to reduce your environmental impact?

Communication is key to business success. Ensuring you are available to convey or get across thoughts, opinions, news or information to prospects, clients, suppliers and staff is paramount for growth.

Mintivo Voice – a bespoke state-of-the-art VoIP system – can assist in these goals.

Mintivo, the leading IT provider which helps ambitious organisations grow by delivering corporate IT services to the SME, are constantly looking at additional ways to minimise the environmental impact of their own IT infrastructure as well as that of their many clients in addition to maximising effectiveness and productivity.

Moving to their new offices gave them the opportunity to install systems that enable staff, customers and suppliers to reduce their carbon footprints whilst providing a more dynamic service. Mintivo Voice can be installed easily into new or existing premises.

Utilising a system that uses high-speed internet rather than soon-to-be obsolete ISDN lines means that the system provides clear, quality telephone calls with plenty of other benefits, not least the considerable cost saving and flexibility it offers.

Using a handset, soft phone, headset or smartphone app it offers enormous flexibility. Chris Gough, Technical Director explains:

“Utilising soft phones has meant that our staff have been able to receive calls into the main Mintivo number whilst working seamlessly and securely from home or elsewhere. Customers have still been able to receive the swift, expert support that Mintivo are renowned for.” 

For organisations utilising a CRM, sales calls can be automatically recorded to prospects which assists with the overall sales funnel analysis.

For management, it allows both recording and monitoring of the number and type of calls received, the time spent on calls and lots of other useful management information which can be set up to meet each organisation’s specific requirements. For Mintivo, it has led to greater analysis of what Mintivo clients need and how the company responds to them, this will offer your organisation the ability to manage telephone traffic effectively.

Linking the VoIP system with other Cloud technologies that Mintivo have implemented has meant that meetings can now take place via video conferencing, saving time, accommodation costs and miles travelled.

Mark Adams, Operations Director commented:

“Some of our clients have moved to video conferencing as their preferred meeting method, especially those with sites throughout Europe.”

We have found that the idea of off-site or home working is welcomed, but businesses are less keen to implement it due to concerns such as:

Availability – can clients get through to them directly via the office phone number? 

Inclusion – how can remote workers be made to feel part of the team?

Security – how safe is their data when off-site?

Monitoring – can you easily check their workloads?

Systems – is access available to all your systems and files when off-site?

Mintivo Voice can enable home or off-site working and make it successful taking your office number to your mobile device. Together with other simple, innovative IT options, it provides a seamless and effective solution for those in and out of the office.

Having utilised the technology that they recommend, Mintivo are well-placed to offer advice on all areas of IT infrastructure requirements, support, security and connectivity for expanding organisations.  

Flexible. Accessible. Low Cost

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