Meet our CEO Steve Healy

Here at Mintivo collectively our Directors have over 60 years experience working with small to medium enterprises to help them get the very best out of technology. Our IT packages are bespoke to suit every business, as we look to align IT to your business goals – and our CEO Steve Healy, is perfectly placed to do that.

Steve has not only been working in IT for numerous years, but also business in general, working with and consulting many businesses to help achieve their aims and goals.

Steve started out working in the IT department at Dyson, where he quickly climbed the ranks and ended up being a fundamental part of the team. It was then time to move on to a consultancy position with a local firm MDS Technologies, where he learnt the art of managing SME and corporate expectations, this then gave Steve the insight to start building his first business venture 15 years ago, when ITS was born.

ITS soon became known as the IT experts in the South West, with customer service at the heart of their operation. As their team expanded over the years to approximately 55 staff, supporting over 6,000 users and 1,000 servers with a national and worldwide offering, their business won numerous awards, including Wiltshire Business of The Year which Steve was particularly proud of, as it gave local recognition for all the hard work he and his staff had put in. 

ITS was eventually sold and Steve took a few much-deserved years out, to spend time with his lovely family and recharge his batteries.

Inevitably Steve’s hunger for business came back, and his love for technology. He was approached by Mark Adams, then the Director and owner of Chippenham based IT support company, The IT Guy. They both then decided to join forces and Mintivo was born…

Why or how did you get involved with IT?
“From a very young age my Grandfather would always say that I should get into computing, this stuck with me to my adulthood.”

Did you always want to be involved with IT?
“Yes, technology has always fascinated me, being part of the cutting edge in corporate environments and then to start my own business, taking those skills with me has been very valuable.”

What’s your best tip for any business to succeed?
“Hard work, determination, always be willing to listen, learn from your mistakes as there will be many. Have personal and professional goals and a robust strategy, and make sure they support each other and most importantly have fun.”

What would you say separates Mintivo from the rest?
“Mintivo offers true IT Service management, where other companies will only partly deliver this, it has huge bottom line value to our clients when delivered correctly. Mintivo align technology to meet business goals, and understand the key objectives of our customers growth plans.” 

What does the future hold for Mintivo?
“Our first year has been outstanding, the profile of our customers have changed, and the business has gone through significant growth in terms of revenue and staffing. Mintivo will be moving to a state-of-the-art office in 2018 that will have the capacity for fifty staff and this will fulfil our medium term plans. Moving forward Mintivo will be the number one Managed Service company in the South West and continue to delight our customers with excellent customer service, technical people and delivering excellence.”

Favourite snack? Dairy Milk
Favourite drink? Flat White Coffee
Favourite music? Coldplay
Favourite video game? FIFA

What item would you take with you on a desert island?
Laptop to access my spreadsheets ?

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