The benefits of our VoIP system

We understand that communication is key to business success which is why we have developed our VoIP system, Mintivo: Voice. We are convinced that you will enhance the way your organisation works by implementing Mintivo: Voice as your telephony and communication system.

Significant cost saving does not diminish quality. Using high-speed internet, our system provides clear, quality telephone calls with an incredibly easy user experience.  

With the option of a handset, soft phone, headset or smartphone app, it offers enormous flexibility to allow businesses and staff to work seamlessly and securely from anywhere in the world and expanding the system is equally straightforward.

As your businesses evolves and technology takes centre stage in order to grow, don’t be left behind. Contact us today

Mintivo: Voice provides the following:

– Low cost and simple billing solution

– Flexible working, from the office, home or elsewhere

– Unlimited calls making communication hassle-free (subject to fair usage policy)

– Clear, quality communication

– Digital Receptionist and Call Queuing

– A secure system hosted in the Cloud

– Ability to record and monitor calls

– Simple to use interface allowing for call transfers to on-site and off-site employees

– One incoming phone number answered from wherever you are

– Take and make calls using headsets, PCs, mobiles or traditional handsets

– Missed call email notifications

– Audio and web conferencing

– Full integration with Office 365 and Outlook

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows the system doesn’t rely on soon to be obsolete ISDN lines, and will place your business amongst the 30% of organisations which have already benefited from using VoIP communications. They have found that the reduced communication expenses and logistical benefits helped them gain a competitive edge over businesses that still utilise basic phone systems.

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