What is Microsoft Copilot?

The Microsoft 365 suite of market-leading applications is widely recognised for its ability to make our lives easier, both at the office and at home. With the new integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, these applications are now even more powerful and productive.

What is Copilot?

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an integrated AI tool designed to work seamlessly within the Microsoft app suite, changing the way we work and increasing productivity.

Using AI technology is not a new venture for Microsoft. They invested billions of dollars into OpenAI in 2019 and have recently begun using AI in the Bing search engine and Edge browser.

Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLM) alongside your data from the Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 app suite, to create an incredibly powerful productivity tool.

The Copilot AI tool has been designed to help you generate documents, read and summarise emails, create presentations and more. It is integrated into Microsoft 365 suite apps including Word, Outlook, Excel, Microsoft Teams and Powerpoint.

What apps does Copilot support?

Copilot aims to help you get the most out of your Microsoft apps. You interact with Copilot via a chatbot interface, Copilot then generates a response depending on your natural language instruction. The aim of Copilot isn’t to do the work for you – you’ll find it works most effectively when you already have a good grasp of the Microsoft apps and how they work – but to free you up from mundane, time-consuming tasks so that you have more time to spend on work that really matters.

Examples of what Copilot can do include:

Excel: Copilot can help you analyse, identify trends and create new sheets and graphs based on your data.

Outlook: Fed up of trying to decipher long email threads? Copilot helps you both summarise email chains and gives suggested responses to them. It can also help you flag important emails and help with the tone and wording of your email replies.

Teams: If you’re someone that can’t remember what you discussed in a Teams meeting the moment it ends, Copilot for Teams could help you. From setting agendas, to organising discussion points and creating post-meeting actions, Copilot works in real time as a meeting is taking place and can even help formulate meeting minutes and summaries for absentees.

Word: Copilot can help create draft documents and improve the flow and tone of your writing.

Powerpoint: Copilot can help you take your presentations to the next level, by compiling your ideas into visually compelling decks and adding speaker notes to presentations.

How can Mintivo help find out more about Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot was made generally available in late 2023, and already many customers are making productive use of it. Our Microsoft technology services team at Mintivo is passionate about revolutionising your development journey, and committed to helping you unlock the full potential of Microsoft Copilot. To find out more, please get in touch, we would love to show you just how amazing Copilot is, and how it can help your business.

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