Cutting the cables of communication: why wireless is the future

Are you one of the many organisations that have poor wireless internet and are unsure of how to identify the best way to improve the slower performance that it provides you with? As speed continues to be a key driver when winning business, providing staff with flexible working options and a variety of work solutions, the difference between a slow connection and a superfast and reliable connection can be the difference between growing your business or folding. In addition, outdated platforms often have expensive on-going costs for licensing and management.

This was certainly true for Hartham Park as they found more and more of their members were having issues with dropouts and poor signal coverage. Operating 90 serviced offices, workspaces and running small and large-scale events, they knew it was essential for them to have a reliable wireless network, but were unsure of the most suitable, long-term and cost-effective solution.

Mintivo worked with the management team at the Business Park to fully understand their needs and those of the organisations and individuals utilising the offices and workspaces situated throughout the Georgian Manor House & Estate. By undertaking a site survey, Mintivo were able to identify potential problems, not least the thick Bath stone walls and distances between server rooms and members – some of whom need wi-fi access throughout the expansive grounds in addition to their office spaces.  

As Hartham Park continues to expand its offering, the wireless infrastructure means that it has unlimited scalability. By installing weatherproof, outdoor Wireless Access Points, Mintivo even provided external access throughout the grounds, with the ability to extend the outdoor coverage further if necessary.

The upfront project planning and management meant that following the installation, the site’s connectivity is entirely monitored and managed remotely. The dual band MIMO technology ensures that modern wireless standards are supported.  In addition, the automatic performance tuning and enhancements Mintivo introduced mean that feedback on interference from other 2.4/5GHZ channels are monitored, with Band Steering pushing clients to the faster, interference-free 5GHz channels. Airtime Fairness also minimises the impact that any one person can have on system performance.

The new high-performance wireless network is five times faster than the previous solution and members have stated that their ability to work and communicate has vastly improved.

In conclusion, Hartham Park have been delighted with the move to the Cloud-managed wireless solution. They are no longer tied by restrictive cabling, but free to expand, change and move clients and offices around the site with limited impact.  The higher performance and security features have proved invaluable to the business centre and its diverse range of clients and users alike.

Tom Marshall, the Hartham Park Community and Workplace Manager, is an advocate of a wireless future: 

“Following a seamless install process, the new wireless access points have created a wholly better network across Hartham Park. We have greater coverage thanks to more superior technology as well as the external access points, and with a reduction in cost by removing the need for subscription/licence fees.

Mintivo’s planning and delivery throughout the project was second to none, with the utmost care and consideration to business continuity not just for Hartham Park but more importantly for our community of business members.”

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