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Nice new laptop but we can’t use it!

It’s a nice feeling when that shiny new laptop arrives on your desk. You have a busy day and you’re looking forward to greater productivity on your fast new device. Then you fire it up and… Where are your apps? Where’s your email? Where’s the security? Cancel that day’s work, you’ve now got a day’s installation and configuration to do! We’ve seen the problems that poorly configured new devices can cause. The lost productivity whilst software is installed, the security risks and the frustrations of staff who simply want to get their work done. There is a better way…

The Mintivo Gold Image as standard

At Mintivo we create a ‘Gold Image’ build template that we use to configure each new device before it reaches you. This template contains all the software and settings that you need to get on with you day-to-day work and it’s consistent with every other device deployed through the process. No variations, no surprises.

How do we create the build template?


Step 1

The build configuration specification document

During this stage we will compare existing mailboxes provisioned on the current hosted Exchange platform and align this to existing users and licensing within Office 365. We will then analyse the delta between both and identify what are shared mailboxes/mail users and ensure the correct licensing is purchased and assigned to newly created users. All users will need to exist within the Office 365 platform and have licensing assigned to the tenant domain ( ready for the cloud migration platform to start migrating mailbox content. Shared mailboxes will need to be a fully licensing mailbox for the duration of the migration, however, will be converted to shared and have the licensing removed post migration. Once the Office 365 platform and mappings exist, the Cloud Migration Platform configuration will be completed, with users receiving an email from the platform requesting their existing email address and password to start the synchronisation process. Mintivo will monitor this from the dashboard and ensure we’re at a Migration Ready state prior to proceeding to stage 2.

Step 2

Create the scripts, test and pilot a device build

We create the scripts, starting with Mintivo’s base templates and run an initial build to trial the template. Once this passes our checks we’ll provide a sample device to formally sign-off.

Step 3


Naturally, there will be some trial and error before the template works perfectly for you.

Step 4

Finalise the build template

We package the automated build scripts into a custom template specifically for your organisation. Typically, 90% of the setup can be done through the automated scripts with a further 10% requiring a little manual configuration. This is documented in a checklist that accompanies your build template.

How long does it take to create a build template?

Typically, it takes between eight and sixteen hours to create a build template, depending on the complexity and uniqueness of your specification.

Replace broken devices fast, typically within 3 hours

Keep your team members working when the unexpected happens. Recently, our client Ebeni lost a laptop when it was accidentally broken. Within 3 hours the staff member was back working on their new laptop.

Get new hires working straight away

There’s a lot to think of when you’re inducting new hires. Thankfully, a new computer is one less thing to worry about with a consistent configuration, ready to use.

Scale up, fast

Our client Tote needed fifteen new laptops immediately, in response to the Covid-19 Lockdown. In less than 2 hours, all fifteen were configure to their exacting requirements and on their way to the users that needed them. The entire process tool less than 3 days.

Who supplies the new hardware?

Mintivo have access to a wide variety of hardware suppliers, including Dell. To provide consistent build templates, we’ll need to provide the hardware for you so that we can choose reliable, proven kit that we know will work with our build templates. Hardware costs are comparable with manufactures’ RRP.

Meet your account manager

Shane (pictured) is typical of our Account Management team. It’s Shane’s job to make sure that our service is delivering value, that problems are not recurring and that your business remains aligned and compliant with IT best practice.

“Not only did Mintivo successfully move all of our staff to BYOD, they also set up remote print access. Now, with the tools to function outside of the office, we have a much broader reach for our recruitment and can attract incredible talent from further afield.

The change has been unbelievable, moving from a full-on office setup to a cloud-based system. This would not have been possible without Mintivo.

Peter Blake
Peter BlakeCMS
“Proactive and dedicated. A true business partner! Mintivo’s engineers are a real asset.

Hartham Park’s systems are now much more reliable and secure! Mintivo didn’t simply try to fix the immediate problems, they implemented long-term solutions that make our working lives better.”
Hartham Park
“Mintivo provided a cloud-based solution and secure VPN which has proven to scale effortlessly.

For example, Mintivo were able to set up 20% of our users on portable devices within 3 days prior to the national lockdown. That wouldn’t have been possible without the ‘Gold Image’ build and deployment process.”

Carl Johnson
Carl JohnsonTote

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