Our Top 5 Password Managing Apps for Business Use

How many passwords do you have? Ten, twenty, fifty? You probably don’t know. Virtually everything we do online requires creating some kind of account, with a user id and password. And because we have so many passwords to remember, people often reuse their favourite password, or create very simple ones which are easy to remember. Or sadly, both.

If you run a business, this problem can have huge implications on your data and cyber security. Issues arise when passwords are forgotten, or worse, discovered by people who you don’t want to have access to your systems. The more people in your business, the greater the risk. However, help is at hand. You can now get apps that help to manage passwords securely, across multiple devices, improving productivity and reducing the risk of cybercrime.

What is a password managing app?

A password manager is an app that runs on all your devices (phone, tablet, mobile etc) and manages your passwords, so you don’t need to remember them. All you need to do is remember your master password for the app, and it will do the rest.  Many password managers will automatically fill in the relevant online user id and password boxes, saving the user time and effort.  Most importantly, it allows stronger, more secure passwords to be used, and different passwords to be used for each site.

How do password managers work?

For many people, a password manager simply notices when you log in to a secure site, then offers to save your log-in and password. When you return to that site, the password manager offers to fill in those credentials again. Where there are multiple log-in details for the same site, the password manager lists all those options and lets you select which one you wish to use. Many password managers also offer a menu of saved logins, via your preferred browser, allowing you to go straight to a saved site and log in automatically. A good app should automatically detect changes to passwords and update the details across all your devices which use the app.

Most password managers are available for personal or business use. The latter allows for some centralised control, such as the ability to create administrators or creating secure vaults for specific teams within an organisation. Integration with other common business tools, such as Azure, Google Workspace, Okta and Slack, reduces workload for your employees. There are also tools and reports for monitoring the roll out and usage of the app, to help maximise the cyber security of a business.

An App for all your devices

It’s worth pointing out that the apps we have shortlisted below, will work across all of your devices. Mobile phones, tablets, PC, Mac and Linux computers, browsers, even smart watches in some cases. If you have very specialist devices that you use regularly, it is worth checking each of the websites below to check for compatibility.

Our Top five password managing apps

OK, let’s get down to business and have a look at the five password management apps that we think are the best.


1Password is secure, easy to use, and has a wide range of features for both administrators and team members. Features include two-factor authentication (2FA), secure password sharing, plus dark web monitoring, where data breaches that might affect a website can be tracked. Used by over 100,000 businesses, including the likes of IBM, Slack, Shopify, and the PGA Tour, 1Password is probably the place to start.


Dashlane is another app that features an excellent admin console, making it easy to roll out and manage, and check the security score of your employee’s passwords! Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality is included, as well as sophisticated dark web monitoring for data breaches. It is very easy to use, arguably the most intuitive of all five. It also includes VPN over Wi-Fi in two of its three business plans. Dashlane claims more than 20,000 businesses are using their app, including PepsiCo and Wayfair. Dashlane offers a 30-day free trial, so you can see how easy it is to use for yourself.


LastPass At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, LastPass is also easy to use, has excellent admin functionality and dark web monitoring. They offer multi-factor authentication (MFA), which includes biometric authentication options (fingerprint and facial recognition), voice access, one-time password, and SMS authentication. It also includes mobile push functionality where users receive a notification on their mobile device, allowing them to either accept or reject an access request. One specific feature is that of Geofencing, only allowing users to access a system from a specific geographic area. If that could be a requirement, then LastPass could be for you!


Keeper is another proven password app, offering ease of use, admin support, single sign-on, biometric two factor authentication and, in their own words, ‘best in class security’. Included is KeeperChat, an encrypted messenger app which makes communicating between team members both convenient and secure. Business customers have access to a 24 x 7 customer support facility, which could be useful, including training from ‘dedicated support specialists.’ Another solid offering and if business centric encrypted messaging is of use, Keeper could be your first choice.


RoboForm has a party trick, it has the best form filling capabilities in the business! Whether you regularly need to complete web-based legal, application or registration forms, RoboForm has an unnervingly accurate ability to put the right data in the right field. From a password management perspective, whilst it does pretty much all that the others do, it is not as simple to use, so for non-technical staff it might not be the best option. As with the others, you can get a free trial to see if it is the best fit for your needs.

So, which one should you get?

Whisper it quietly, but they are all good. Over time, functions introduced in one app have appeared in the others. One person’s ease-of-use is another person’s annoyance. The five password managers we have shortlisted are all excellent, but only you will know which one best suits your needs. Make good use of the free trials, and get feedback from both technical and non-technical employees. The only decision you should make is to start using one as soon as possible. The cybersecurity of your business will increase the moment you do.

About Mintivo

At Mintivo, we care about all forms of security, not just passwords! More than 60% of UK businesses reported that they have suffered a cyber-attack in the last 12 months. Losses to businesses are, on average, £190,000. It really is a case of when, not if, your business will be attacked. Mintivo ensures that we fully understand your systems and any weak points, so we can address the underlying issues and improve your cyber security. Don’t become a statistic – contact Mintivo to talk about how we can help your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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