The Bored Room – Our virtual staff room in Microsoft Teams

At Mintivo, we’re fans of the Microsoft 365 suite and all of its apps, but we especially enjoy it when one of our favourite apps allows us to take our day-to-day remote working experiences to new heights. We’re talking about Microsoft Teams.  

In an earlier article we highlighted some of the key features of Microsoft Teams and the best way to use it while working remotely – from setting up and pinning a chat to creating tabs for easy access to files and a few basic tips for one-on-one meetings. Our aim was to demonstrate how much you could do within one app. And there’s more… 

From boardroom to bored room 

During the early stages of the national lockdown, we wanted to find a creative way to mirror our office day-to-day interactions at home and make sure that the team continues to communicate with one another. That’s when our virtual staffroom was born. We call it the Bored Room. However, the Bored Room is everything but boring. 

With the virtual staffroom, we’re able to assemble our team into one virtual room for our daily briefing sessions, company updates, ticket assignments and so forth. We’ve found a fun way to connect with the broader team and keep an open line of communication among everyone. 

Cool and connected 

The best part about the virtual staffroom is that it is always-on, or rather online, and it is open to the entire team throughout the day. The Bored Room is used as the new office hangout spot where we can engage in “office” banter, connect with team members, but most important, is that we don’t have to work alone. If at any moment, an individual feels like yelling across the office, they can simply unmute the microphone 

The virtual staffroom door is always open and if someone on the team has a call to attend, they can leave the room and pop back in whenever they’re ready.  

Business as usual 

The Bored Room demonstrates how easy it is to stay in touch with colleagues who live far apart and develop connections between the staff who never really got to chat whilst in the office. This is also indicative of the opportunities we have to expand our recruitment net and effortlessly work together with Microsoft Teams. 

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