Why you should outsource your IT support

As the owner of a small or medium enterprise, we know how busy you are. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, or enough hands available to manage all of your day to day tasks such as marketing, finance and IT support – but did you know that this is where outsourcing can help?

Outsourcing IT support is often the preferred option for many companies, and no matter how established your business is, it is never too late to start using the services of an experienced IT service management company – but why should you outsource your IT support in the first place?

If you are the owner of a small or medium business and have previously wondered why you should outsource your IT support, in our latest blog post we take a look at three key reasons that you should keep in mind when making a decision. Read on to find out more.

It will save you money… and time!
Outsourcing your IT support instead of employing in-house staff will not only save you money, but it will also save you time if you have been taking care of your IT support yourself up until now. 

Outsourcing to an IT service management company will reduce the need to employ in-house staff for the job, therefore helping to minimise employment costs and allow you to concentrate on other tasks, such as providing a great service to your customers. In addition, outsourcing IT support offers a completely hassle free option that will save you time and allow you to focus on growing your operation, safe in the knowledge that your day to day IT issues are being taken care of at the same time.

It will help to keep your business secure
When it comes to cyber security, we think it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which means taking the time to ensure your business is protected from the threat of cyber attacks, phishing emails, data leaks and malware such as ransomware which could potentially cost your business around £1,400. As the owner of a small to medium business, is this something that you could afford to pay?

When you outsource your IT support, you will be taking proactive steps to get your business safe and secure from the threat of attacks. Your IT service management company will take the steps to ensure your valuable data is protected, and they’ll also be able to minimise the downtime your business would suffer if the worst did happen, giving you total peace of mind.

It will give you access to a wide range of expertise and advice
Outsourcing your IT support means that you will able to utilise the skills and experience of experts who live and breathe everything IT related. You will have access to the very latest knowledge and technology, and you can be rest assured that your business will be in safe hands.

From common every day issues like how to set up a network or a new PC to how to spot the latest phishing scam, your IT service management company will be there to offer support and advice whenever you need it, allowing you to focus on taking care of business instead.

At Mintivo we’re the IT support experts. With a wealth of experience in the design, implementation, management and support of infrastructure projects such as servers and storage, networking and connectivity, security and software solutions, we’ll work with you to provide a tailored solution that meets your needs and supports the ambitions that you have for your business.

To find out more about the IT support packages that we offer, contact our team today by emailing or calling 03300 88 33 10 – we look forward to speaking to you soon!

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