Backup & Disaster Recovery

Mintivo are experts in understanding your business and therefore which of the many technologies such as Office 365 are best for you to use to enable you to achieve your business goals.

Disaster – what disaster?

Imagine the worst has happened – a pandemic, fire, or an electric outage or flood at one of your premises. Your computers are destroyed; the scrappy piece of paper with your passwords no longer legible; the filing cabinet a crumpled heap on the floor….

You get the picture. How does your business continue?

Hopefully, you will have discussed this with Mintivo and implemented a Disaster Recovery Plan which allows you to simply access another device and continue where you left off. Apart from sitting in a different chair, basically, it’s business as usual. Result!

If you haven’t yet spoken with us to discuss secure, automatic UK or global-based back-ups and a water-tight Disaster Recovery Plan for your IT systems, get in touch today.

Cost-effective control

A secure, cloud system that requires no capital expenditure outlay and one that is structured so you only pay for what you use. In most cases, this provides significant reduction in costs, and yet it provides you with:

  • Easy implementation – on-site; software or hybrid
  • Powerful automation, reporting and monitoring
  • Centralised control of your critical data
  • Instant access to data, unquestionably reducing downtime
  • Scalable to allow business growth

Testing, testing, testing

A good Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan is regularly tested to ensure it continues to meet your requirements. When did you last test yours? Do your team have to remember to take a ‘back up’ off-site each night? What was the result of the last full test?

If you appoint Mintivo to manage your Back Up and Disaster Recovery plans, we will automatically test regularly and ensure that all services are easy to recover in-line with your business requirements, providing you with as much security and peace of mind as possible.

Don’t lose data, don’t lose sleep. Do contact Mintivo.

Microsoft 365 backup with Mintivo Cloud Protect

It’s a common misconception that Microsoft 365 includes a back up service. Whilst deleted items can be recovered, conventional backup and restore is not part of the 365 service. 

Mintivo Cloud Protect completes this important piece in the puzzle with these key features:

  • Backup Exchange Email, OneDrive, and SharePoint data every 6 hours
  • Retain and recover your data outside of the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Cloud storage in your choice of more than 30 worldwide data centres

Meet your account manager

Shane (pictured) is typical of our Account Management team. It’s Shane’s job to make sure that our service is delivering value, that problems are not recurring and that your business remains aligned and compliant with IT best practice.

Is it time for a change?

Focus on your job while we support your team and your infrastructure

Rest assured that those repetitive issues and recurring distractions are gone for good. Leave the day-to-day IT support to our team while you focus on more strategic activities.

Peace of mind, heightened security, reduced risk, and thorough compliance

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