Office 365

Mintivo are experts in understanding your business and therefore which of the many technologies such as Office 365 are best for you to use to enable you to achieve your business goals.


Stay safe and productive while you use the web

Web threats have increased over the past few years. From phishing sites to drive-by downloads, the dangers have never been greater. To stay safe, you need to make sure you have advanced malware protection in place along with bandwidth monitoring, content filtering, and more. Mintivo Web Secure includes built-in web protection that keeps your team secure and productive.
Mintivo Web Secure web protection goes beyond enterprise antivirus software and firewalls by letting you set your own content-filtering policies, website blacklists, time and content-based browsing policies, and much more.

Keep users safe

Threat protection: Protect against malware, phishing, adware, botnets, and spam.
Bandwidth monitoring: Monitor daily usage with automated bandwidth checks and alerts.
Access controls: Keep users off sites that could cause a data breach and protect your business from the legal liability that comes with a data breach

Improve productivity

Site allow lists: Set and automatically enforce browsing policies that keep users off non-work related sites like gaming or social media.
Time-based browsing policies: Modify blacklist rules to allow employees to visit non-work sites outside of standard business hours.

Complete control

Policies: Use Mintivo Web Secure’s default web protection policies or create your own custom rules for desktops, laptops, or servers.
Individual site blocking: Want to block specific sites that don’t fall within our core site categories? We can add custom URLs to the deny list.

A small investment to stay safe and productive

Mintivo Web Secure is available for £2.50 per user, per month.
Calculate your expenditure
Enter the number of users below to calculate your monthly investment.
THe benefits
The risks of not doing it
Cyber Essentials readinessNon-compliance and failure to meet certification
Early warning on potential failuresDowntime & reputational damage
Budgeting and investment planningUnexpected costs
Protection against unforeseen risksRisk of neglect and recrimination
Peace-of-mind from the knowledge, understanding and reporting of your situationWorry and nervousness from the lack of awareness of your points-of-failure

Get started with one month's free trial Client approval

If you’re ready to implement Web Secure, please add this item to your options in the investment section below.

Meet your account manager

Shane (pictured) is typical of our Account Management team. It’s Shane’s job to make sure that our service is delivering value, that problems are not recurring and that your business remains aligned and compliant with IT best practice.

Is it time for a change?

Focus on your job while we support your team and your infrastructure

Rest assured that those repetitive issues and recurring distractions are gone for good. Leave the day-to-day IT support to our team while you focus on more strategic activities.

Peace of mind, heightened security, reduced risk, and thorough compliance

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