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Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualisation tool developed by Microsoft. It enables users to connect to various data sources, transform and shape data, and create interactive, visually compelling reports and dashboards. Power BI is widely used for data analysis, decision-making, and sharing insights within organisations.

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For Data Analysts and IT managers who need to deliver Power BI dashboards, fast.

You have to deliver management dashboards with Power BI. Leaders need reliable, up-to-the-minute information and it’s your job to deliver it. But, there are a million other priorities for you and your team and you lack the internal expertise to do it right.

Who has time to learn Power BI properly? And what damage can you do if you get it wrong? This is where you can trust our team of Microsoft technology experts at Mintivo.

Our team of experienced Microsoft Power BI developers will help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls to create stunning Power BI dashboards that your decision makers can depend on.

Microsoft Power BI from Mintivo

Why should you move with us?

Our team of experienced Microsoft Power BI developers will help you avoid common mistakes.

Data Modelling & Automation
Make better use of your data with automated reporting.
Transform and unify your inbound data to automate reporting, optimise performance and remove errors.
Dashboard Development
Dashboards your customers will love.
Clear, intuitive and beautifully presented visuals so that report consumers can confidently take action.
Power BI Training
Team training that will leave you confident.
Put your destiny in your own hands with training and hand-over manuals customised to your business and systems.
Why Mintivo

What makes us different?

True Business Intelligence tells a story about the data it’s drawn from. Power BI dashboards, if done correctly, will help you understand what’s working and what’s failing AND help you to decide what to do next.

We create Power BI dashboards that tell a story. A true story based on real facts and reliable data. Your dashboards will find insights, uncover hidden value and influence your organisation in new and unexpected ways.

Our mantra is that a good Power BI dashboard will cost you nothing. Typically, our customers recover our fees within 3-6 months from the savings or gains that come from the actionable insights they receive.

Microsoft Power BI

What's covered?

Power BI allows you to connect to various data sources, including databases, cloud services, on-premises data, Excel spreadsheets, and web services. It supports a wide range of data connectors, making it easy to access and import data.

You can transform and shape your data using Power Query, a data transformation tool integrated into Power BI. It also provides a data modeling feature to create relationships between data tables, calculated columns, and measures.

Power BI offers a rich set of visualisation types, including bar charts, line charts, pie charts, tables, maps, and more. Users can create interactive reports and dashboards by simply dragging and dropping visual elements onto the canvas.

Power BI provides robust security and governance features, including role-based access control, row-level security, and data encryption, to protect sensitive data.

Power BI can be integrated with other Microsoft services like Azure, Excel, and SharePoint. It also supports integration with third-party applications through APIs.


Your FAQ's

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualisation tool that enables users to connect to various data sources, transform data, create interactive reports and dashboards, and share insights with others in their organisation.

Power BI consists of several components, including Power BI Desktop (for report creation), Power BI Service (for publishing and sharing reports), Power BI Mobile (for mobile access), and Power BI Gateway (for data connectivity).

Power BI can connect to a wide range of data sources, including databases, cloud services, spreadsheets, and web services. It provides data connectors and integration options to bring data into your reports and dashboards.

Yes, Power BI allows you to create interactive and visually appealing reports and dashboards with features like slicers, filters, drill-through capabilities, and custom visuals to help users explore and analyse data.

Yes, Power BI allows you to schedule data refresh for your reports and datasets. You can set up automatic refreshes to ensure that your data is up to date.

Power BI offers data security features such as role-based access control (RBAC), row-level security, and encryption to protect data both at rest and in transit. Additionally, it integrates with Azure Active Directory for authentication.

Power BI has several licensing options. Here’s the basics:

  • Free – The basic version is free. This allows you to build reports and publish them to your own workspace but doesn’t really allow you to share them. Power BI
  • Pro – The next level is Power BI Pro where licensed individuals may share and view reports and advanced built-in AI power features to analyse data Power Bi
  • Premium – The highest level is Power Bi Premium. This is an enterprise-scale option that allows anyone in your business to view reports, with data refreshed much more frequently than lesser options.

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